Gratitude Meditation

Enjoy this meditation which allows you to connect to your heart and the warmth and healing that comes with feeling
gratitude in our every day.

Settling in to a comfortable place either sitting or laying, whatever works for you?

Close down the eyes if that feels comfortable for you or simply gazing softly in front of you.

Take some time to center yourself by watching your breath. The cool air coming in and the warmth leaving your body.

Bring your awareness to your heart space. Focus on this area and see if you can allow the feeling of gratitude to arise, allow if to arise naturally. If it doesn’t come up, remain open and see what happens.

We’ll now bring awareness to different aspects of your life that you can be thankful for.

Return to the breath, the lifeforce known as Prana or chi. Take your awareness to the breathe that sustains your life.

Move your awareness to your hands and arms. They allow you to give and receive, they are an extension of your heart.

Move your awareness to your feet and legs. They do so much for you, holding you up every day. Walking, running, dancing.

Move your awareness to your eyes. That see the beauty in the world. The abundance in nature. The ones you love and cherish.

Move your awareness to your nose. The scent of the ocean, the garden, the sweetness of life.

Move your awareness to your ears. That hear sounds all around you. Music that sings. The silence within.

Move your awareness to your mouth. That tastes all the abundance that nature has to offer, sweetness, sourness, chili, the mouth-watering food you love.

Move your awareness to your skin. That is sensitive to touch. That notices the cold, the warmth and bear hugs.

Move your awareness to your tears, your sadness reminding you of your strength and courage.

Move your awareness to your imagination that allows you to bring any reality into being. Your thoughts have power and allow you to manifest any possibility.

Move your awareness to the now. Into the present moment. Witnessing your breathe as if you are watching your body breathe itself.

Notice the warmth, love and compassion that flows into your heart.

Feel the love you have in your life.

 Breathe and enjoy this flow for as long as you like.

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